Virtual Sadness

How do you say goodbye to someone you’ve never actually met?  I just found out this morning that a person I have known for a little over a year has died. I had never met Maggie in person, yet we’ve spent many an hour talking over the internet.  I met her July 2011 because of our love of the same books and authors.  She was such a kind and loving person.  We had plans to meet one day.  I’d never been to Denver and she lived close to there.  It was going to be a long weekend of fun.  Now it won’t happen.  I won’t be meeting her in person. I won’t even be meeting her online anymore.  This saddens me.  Maggie was a wonderful writer and always willing to look over and give me suggestions on things I wrote.  I will miss that so much.  And I will miss her writing. I will miss her presence.  And her friendship and the gentle person and loving soul she was. Maggie I will think about you every time I post a picture as you were often one of the first, if not the first to ‘like’or comment.  Always with something sweet to say.  You were always one of the first when anyone else was having a bad week or day or even moment to offer words of encouragement even when I know you had struggles of your own.  Oh, Maggie, you are gone too soon.    And, as one of the last things you posted on my wall  was one of those ecards that says: 

I hope we’re friends until we die.  And then I hope we stay ghost friends and walk through walls and scare the shit out of people. 

So, until then Mags, may you be at peace and know how much all of us are thinking about you and missing you.


Instagram for Gramarazzi!

Okay, I’ve found another fun time waster. . . Instagram on my iphone.  I do spend an inordinately large amount of time snapping pictures all day.  Somedays when I upload the pics to my computer there are more than 100 shots.  I go photocrazy.  Gramarazzi–that is what I have been dubbed by my daughter. But who could help themselves when they have such a pretty little subject as Princess Rosebud?  Yes, she’ll most likely be the most photographed child in history.  What did we ever do without smart phones to instantly catch a moment and post pictures?  Why, I don’t know how we ever got along without it!  Now, instead of the crates and crates of pictures in my basement of my own children, I’ll have hard drive after hard drive filled with shots of E in any possible situation.  Oh, there might be the occasional vacation picture thrown in there, and pictures of the sky, I do love taking pictures of the sky. . . but for the most part we’ll be watching her grow up moment by moment. . . until she has to share that camera time with a brother or sister or cousin someday. . .

Better invest in more memory now. . .  Perhaps a couple zettabytes?  Yes, that might get me through a few years.

1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes = 10007 bytes = 1021 bytes.  That would certainly store a few images!

Now, the question of the day is, how do I link my Instagram to my blog??  BBL gotta go snap some pics. . .

Incorrigibly yours,


Tomorrow. . . I will do it tomorrow

pro·cras·ti·nate (pr-krst-nt, pr-)

v. pro·cras·ti·nat·ed, pro·cras·ti·nat·ing, pro·cras·ti·nates


To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness.

To postpone or delay needlessly.

Tomorrow?  I’m sorry I am busy tomorrow.  I’ll be busy working out, cleaning house, getting pictures hung on the walls, and writing.   I have been meaning to start eating healthy and working out regularly.  Tomorrow is the day.  Yes, I’ll start that tomorrow.  My workouts have been going pretty well, *pats self on back* but starting tomorrow, I am going to be more consistent.  And I’m going to stop drinking diet coke.  That stuff will kill ya!  I’m going to stick to water.  Yes, starting tomorrow.   The house needs a thorough cleaning and decluttering.  That is on the list of things to do.  Tomorrow.  Also, I am tired of looking at these bare walls.  It’s time to unpack the boxes with the family pictures and get them hung.  Yes, I know it’s been over six years since we moved into this house, but these things take time.  And the time to do it is… you know this… tomorrow.  Oh, and purchase frames for my daughter’s wedding pictures from a few years ago and for the darling new granddaughter who’s had two photo shoots in the short time since she’s graced this world.  Yep that’ll get done.  Tomorrow.

Last but not least there is this matter of writing.  I will organize all these scraps of paper lying around with words and phrases and ideas and characters and plots and love scenes and the werewolf.  Werewolf?  You know of that story that is there in my head.

And so I will write.  Tomorrow.  After I have eight good hours of sleep, fix myself a healthy breakfast then head out for a four mile walk/jog and an hour of weight training.  All while drinking nothing but water. . . no caffeine, no artificial sweeteners.  Then I will tackle all the housework.  Neither the closets nor cabinet clutter will escape this planned assault. Tomorrow.  My walls will soon be a study in artistic perfection with pictures of my beloved children tackling and blocking,  spiking and digging, rebounding and shooting, leaping hurdles, and myriad other images smiling from all those yesterdays.  Tomorrow.  I’ll no doubt find the perfect spot for pictures from my daughter’s wedding.  Oh, while I’m at it even hang ones from my own wedding.  Tomorrow.   I will frame the pictures of my precious granddaughter and find the perfect spot for the lovely baby pics before I have to frame and hang her graduation picture.  Tomorrow.

Then, me being the picture of good health and fitness, house spotless and picture worthy and walls bare no more, then I will write.  Tomorrow.  And, if I keep telling myself this every day, one of days it will be tomorrow. . .  But first I need to check facebook.  I’ll get back to this.  Tomorrow.

Incorrigibly yours,


The Walk of Life

No, I am not talking about the Dire Straits song Walk Of Life, although it’s probably humming through your mind right now, isn’t it?

I’m just talking about walking.  And life.  Elaina and I head out each morning for a walk before it gets too hot.  It gives us something to do and me an hour of walking.  Pushing a stroller. Up and down a few hills as we walk from the house to the nature center then back and through the neighborhood.

We are excited about our walk every day.  Beautiful blue skies. Sun shining.  Birds singing. We start out and head on down the road. It is relatively flat the first quarter mile.  There is a nice little breeze blowing and it feels pretty good.  We turn the corner, go downhill a bit, then, stretching out before us is quite an incline.  At least an eighth of a mile. But, the sky is still beautiful, the sun shining, the birds singing. Nothing has changed except it has gotten a wee bit harder to continue.  But continue we do because we can and we know we can and we love it!  By the time we get to the top it’s glad I am that the next half mile is a steady slight decline until we get to our turn around point.  We stop, look around and enjoy the beauty around us.  I have a drink of water.  Snap a few pictures then it’s time to go back the other way.  And as you might have surmised, the next half mile is a steady slight incline.  But, look around!  The skies are still blue, the sun shining beautifully, a breeze rustling the leaves of the trees that surround us.  All the time I am pushing a stroller. You might think that makes it harder. But you know what?  It makes it easier!  It’s not a burden but a joy to share this walk and see the delight in someone else’s eyes as they take in all that surrounds them!   The rest of the way is nothing short of amazing.  You don’t even notice the few hills here and there, you are in the zone.  Enjoying the beauty around you.  And when you get home, well don’t you just look forward to tomorrow???

And isn’t that just like life?  You wake up excited about it every day.  A little uphill; a little downhill.  Sometimes it is easy, sometimes it is a little harder.  But the beauty is always there if you look for it.  And you do.  You look for it and know it is there.  Even if it’s a bad day, it is there.  You don’t walk alone.  You share with those you love and you revel in their joy and their joy brings you joy.  Always look for the beauty and light and the rest will be just fine. . . Enjoy the beauty around you. . . Enjoy today and look forward to tomorrow.  To your walk of life.

Time Marches On

So, it’s been five months and one day since I created this blog.  This blog in which I was going to write.  Everyday.  So, how’d that work out for me you ask?  I’m sorry, did you miss that first sentence that said IT’S BEEN FIVE MONTHS SINCE I CREATED THIS BLOG???

Okay, all you writers out there, yes I am talking to you (and you and you) because I know you all have now bookmarked and are reading my blog, wondering where the heck I’ve been the past five months.  My question to you is, how do you do it?  I have all the best intentions (you know, just like I do with eating right and exercising)  So, how do you do it??

These past five months have disappeared in the blink of an eye. That beautiful new granddaughter I spoke about in my first post?  Six and a half months old now. Rolling her way across my floor. Laughing, da-da-da-ing, throwing little full-body-arch fits when she doesn’t like the way I’m holding her trying to get her to sleep (she has forgotten that naps are good for her, and more importantly for ME) and blowing raspberries. . . made even more fun using a mouthful of spit or better yet a mouthful of cereal that looks great all over my face apparently. But in all seriousness it has been great. I’m thankful I am able to stay home and be the one who takes care of her during the day.  It’s been a little adjustment this summer, though.  As a teacher then school office worker my summers were always free.  Always.  This does tie me down a bit.  But it doesn’t slow me down.  I still do what I want.  I’m kinda spoiled that way.  Just ask Lord D.  (That’s my husband of 33 years.  Didn’t want to be called grandpa, he thought Lord Don would be more appropriate.  *smh* should have never visited all those castles in Scotland and Ireland. . .he’d like for me to walk a couple of paces behind him and call him My Lord, but I don’t see that happening. . .)

What was I talking about? That’ll teach me to blog while enjoying a hurricane or two.  Oh, yes. You writers out there.  How I envy you!  I had never in all my years (53 if you read my first and only other post which we all remember was five months ago) thought I’d enjoy writing.  But for the past year that is all I have thought about.  Who knew???  Wish I had taken more english and literature class in college.  Didn’t need too much of that for a business degree or to teach high school keyboarding and computer applicaitons.

Speaking of keyboarding classes do they even have those anymore?  Do they teach it the same?  These days don’t the kids just use their thumbs to type?  I must look ridiculous when I text, holding the phone in my left hand while typing with the index finger of my right hand.  My three kids must be so embarassed.

What? Oh, sorry.  Yes back to writing.  Imagination.  You have such amazing imaginations.  Sometimes I feel I have no imagination at all. Is it that I lack experiences?  Do you draw from your own experiences or is it totally from your imaginations?  People and places and things that you create?  When I read what others have written I am so very amazed.  What talent!  What imagination!  What a bunch of hard work it must be!  I am so in awe.  Just the thought that I might want to try and write something scares me to death.  Can I come up with an idea?  Can I create characters, no, not characters, but living, breathing people that are interesting to others?  So interesting  in fact that they would want to read about them? I’d like to think I can.

So, while I’m waiting, bacardi hurricane in hand, for inspiration to ignite my imagination, I’ll just conitnute my posts here, oh every five months or so. . .  So check back around Christmas time and see what I’ve got *laughs* or check back next week if you have any confidence in me at all. . .

Remember, this is just the ramblings of an incorrigible lass. . . .

Incorrigibly yours,


Hello world!

I’m a 53 year old first time grandma.  Or in my case Grammy.  No, wait, not 53.  Fifty two for another four weeks AND one day.  I’m well beyond the age where I cannot wait for that next birthday.  I’ll wait.

I want to write.  The advice given me is this:  Then write.  *laughs* I am creating a blog in order to have a focus.  To have a place to write. Daily. Yes, I said daily.  That is my intention.  I want to write and this will be my way to do it.  To set aside time each day to write about my life.  I know, those of you who are reading this are thinking, really? Is she really going to do this?  Because there is nothing I would like better than to read about her life!  Well, let me tell you people. IT IS YOUR LUCKY DAY!

What does one write about daily? Let’s face it, there’s not all that much interesting about my life or you’d have already seen it on the big screen starring Julia Roberts. Yeah, I’m sure Julia Roberts would play me in the story of my life. But I digress.  As I often do. Just get used to that now.  Focus. My life. I must say my life got a lot more exciting just recently.  A little less than eight weeks ago, I became a grandmother. To the most beautiful little girl. Well, as beautiful as her mother who is my little girl.  Her name is Elaina.  I call her Rosebud. Rosebud?  Why would you call her that you ask?  Let me explain.  I mentioned I want to write.  It is not something I have ever really done in my life outside of a little poetry and short stories in high school.  That was a few years ago for me by the way.  I like to read. Romance, historical romance, paranormal romance, urban fantasy with a particular love for Scotland (which my lovely husband took to me visit two summers ago). This love of reading lead me to a site on Facebook devoted to a group of books from an author I greatly enjoy.  Wait, what?  Facebook?  Aren’t you a bit old for that??  *Laughs at that* Not hardly.  I don’t even know how I ended up with this group of Facebook friends.  But end up there I did.  Others in the group are wonderful writers and have been doing this for a while.  I am in awe of the way some of them write.  One day some of them will have their own books published I just know it!  Anyways,  I have a bit of what I call mentoring going on with me being the mentoree (I just made up that word, sorry) And the mentor (that truly is a word) is truly a wonderful writer.  Painting pictures with words. Truly an artist. I want to paint pictures with words.  I want people to read what I write and close your eyes and see it. So, I listen to what the mentor has to say and try to follow the suggestions.  Anyways, one of the first things he talked me through doing was trying to describe something. I won’t go into all the detail and instruction and examples given to me at this time, but my final project was a paragraph description of Elaina, who was not yet even two weeks old.  This is my paragraph:

As I gaze at the miracle before me, my eyes fill with tears.  Fleeting impressions of her beauty, all pastel pinks, muted and hazy like a Monet painting fill my mind. I blink away the tears and she comes into focus. She is as beautiful as a newly formed rosebud of the palest pink, with skin just as soft and delicate as its petals. Like that rose which opens to the sun, her beauty unfurls to the light of those around her.

So, this is how I come to call her Rosebud.  And did that paint a picture for you?  I hope it did.  The picture you see may be blurry and out of focus, much as my writing is right now. . .  But something I hope to improve on!   My husband, her grandpa, didn’t get it.  And his description goes like this:  She’s okay.  She’s got big hands and big feet and sometimes she smells.  *laughing* How poetic.  But, if you saw him with her, you would know that she is more beautiful and precious to him than anything in this world.  That Rosebud already has grandpa wrapped around her tiny stem!!!

I “retired” from my job in December so that I could take care of Elaina when her mother returns to work.  That begins on February 29.  I couldn’t be happier that I am able to do this.  There is nothing I would rather do.  So that is my focus.  Rosebud. I hope to spend time writing each day about our experiences, and if that leads to thoughts and stories of when my children were younger, well I’ll throw them in too. No extra charge.  Who knows what else will bubble forth from the recesses of my mind?  Guess you’ll just have to check back to find out!