Patience is not my Virtue

The virtue of being patient.  Standing in line to check out at Walmart today has brought this to mind.  The lady in front of me had perhaps ten items in her cart.  She took them out one at a time to hand to the cashier.  Still, the register belt was moving so I couldn’t put my items out or they would be in her way.  With each of her items she had to discuss something with the checker. Questions, shuffling through papers, more questions.  Coupons maybe.  Perhaps she was price matching, I don’t really know.  The cashier finally turned off the belt so I unloaded my cart.  More’s the pity.  If I hadn’t unloaded my items I would have dashed off to another checkout line pronto.

I was kept entertained by my lovely granddaughter sitting in the cart smiling and waving and saying hi to anyone and everyone who was within her sight.  She was not upset.  Not one bit. She was just enjoying the moment.  Finally the lady in front of me was finished.  She moved forward just enough to be out of the way.  Then proceeded to go through her bags.  The clerk starting scanning my items.  After  a few of them the lady interrupted asking him for two large bags.  She wanted to put her smaller bags in the larger ones.  The cashier leaves the register in the middle of checking me out to go and find her two large bags.  She’s looking at me and apologizing, Elaina is smiling and waving away telling her hi, I just smile at her (okay it may have been more like a grimace)  and continue keying a message on my phone in which I am complaining on facebook about this entire situation.

 The virtue of being patient.    Was I being patient?  Well on the outside I suppose it looked as though I was.  On the inside?  I was bitching and complaining.  I’ve been thinking about that all afternoon.  What was my problem?  Honestly I had nothing but time.  I was not in any kind of hurry.  But there I stood seething a bit inside.  I am not very happy with myself as I think about it.  The virtue of being patient.  So, here I sit at the keyboard and looking up the Seven Virtues.  They are:  chastity, temperance, charity, diligence, patience, kindness, and humility. I find myself falling short on a few of the seven.   Yes, patience being one of them.   I’ll just let you wonder about the others… Seems I have some work to do…

To begin with I think I will take a page from Elaina’s book and when I have to wait, to exercise more patience and just enjoy the moment;  to look around me and smile at others and say hi. Who knows, that might just make someone’s day better.  I know it will improve mine.

So, what virtue(s) do you need to work on??

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