Grammy Traverses Aerial Runway

Yes, this ginger grammy spent Sunday afternoon admiring the canopy floor of the Ozarks wilderness leisurely crossing suspension bridges and walkways and flying through the canopy itself by way of a zip line. Yeah, that’s right. I went ziplining.

My decision to invite myself along with my children and niece who already had plans to go came just the day before their scheduled trip. There was room on the tour, so no problem.  My brother then decided hey what the heck I think I’ll go too!  They signed up for the complete package including the Blue Streak Fast Line & Free Fall Xpress.  Let’s just say the thought of stepping of that last tower to free fall 100 feet to get back to the ground didn’t really appeal to me.  So I didn’t sign up for that one… at the time.

I didn’t sleep too well all Saturday night thinking about this.  Worried about the weight limit (I was fine I even had weight to spare…) Will the line hold?  Will the carabiners stay closed?  (I learned what carabiners are from reading 50 Shades of Grey by the way… actually I knew what they were just not what they were called)

But Sunday came and I was determined to go through with this.  I started on a course of Immundium AD the previous day to stay the nervous stomach problems if you know what I mean…

First order of business, get buckled into a harness, ropes and pulleys and carabiners and such hanging off me, adding another several pounds (making me worry more about the weight limit—I was still fine)  And a hardhat.  Yeah that was going to save me if I plummeted 200 feet to the ground.  Actually it was more to protect my head from everytime I stood up and bonked it on the wires above me…  Again, as I was being strapped, buckled and tightened into the harness, my thoughts turned to Christian Grey. . .

Dressed and ready, we loaded up into the back of a jeep and were driven up to the top where we began.  That jeep ride was the worst part of the tour (no offense jeep drivers, it was the terrain, not your driving expertise)

We were attached by rope and carabiner at all times, I guess if we were clumsy and actually fell we’d just dangle around until someone took care of us and we wouldn’t end up a bag of bones on the ground.  I wasn’t clumsy at all and did just fine.  After the first zip I had no problem whatsoever.  I found it very exhilarating.  There were twelve in our group, so it was a bit of waiting for each person to have their turn, but we enjoyed the view and joking around while waiting.

By the time we got to our last line, I had decided to add the Blue Streak and I WOULD step of that tower and free fall down.  Everyone else was going to do it (with the exception of my niece who had done it before and didn’t like it, said it took her 45 minutes to finally step off).  My kids and brother said if I didn’t I would regret it.  They were right.  I would have went home that night and forevermore been saying I should have done it.  So, I did it.  I even went first.  Didn’t even think about it.  The guide hooked me on the cable, counted to three, and I stepped off.  The last several feet the tension slows you down so you land gently, but I was worried about landing hard and hurting my knee so I came down on my butt (lots of padding there don’t ya know).  Yes, apparently the kids at the top could see me and got quite the kick out of it.  They love it when they have a reason to laugh at me.   I aims to please…

All I can say is I LOVED the feeling and I would do it AGAIN and AGAIN!  If you have never had the pleasure of ziplining, well all I can say is, what are you waiting for????

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