A Place I Would Like To Return To…

When trying to find something to write about today I was a total blank.  As I am most days.  Which doesn’t bode well for someone who wants to write.  So, I turned to the internet to help me out.  It is always most accommodating.  I found a site that listed 365 different topics to write/blog about.  Yes!  That is one for each day of the year! So, I’ve looked through them and found several that could be interesting. . .

#106: Journal about a place you would like to return to.

Scotland.  Scotland is most definitely a place I would like to return to.  Again and again.  I’ve often wondered over the past two years since my visit if there are any “foreign exchange student” possibilities for adults.  Wouldn’t that be fun to spend months there, possibly even in a castle, living among the locals in the Highlands?  Or on a sheep farm?  Uhm, no I think a castle for me. Most assuredly a castle.

We didn’t get to Scotland until four days into our trip, the first few being spent in London and York as we traveled from London to Edinburgh.  London is worth another trip as well.  I was amazed at the architecture and the ages of the buildings.  Such beauty in their structure.

We walked all over London the two days we were there.  From our hotel on the river Thames, over Westminster Bridge past Big Ben, strolling around the grounds of Westminster Abbey sipping a Coke Light, to Buckingham Palace for the Changing of the Guard.  I swear I saw Prince Harry jogging while we were walking in front of Buckingham Palace!  A stroll through Trafalgar Square where there was a huge screen up showing Dirty Dancing.  It was up for viewing the World Cup Soccer finals.   On to Piccadilly Circus and back to our hotel.  We enjoyed an excursion to the Tower of London to see the Crown Jewels. And the ravens. Yes I said ravens.  Legend has it that Charles II was told that if the ravens left the Tower, the kingdom and the fortress would fall.  Who knew???  And those jewels?  I would think some of those crowns would be quite heavy…  But should I become Queen one day I will not complain.  I will gladly wear them.  The London Eye was quite a sight, as would London have been from high atop it, but the wait was hours so we passed on the view from the sky.  We took a boat excursion down the River Thames, pronounced Tims as we were instructed the first day.  Went right under London Bridge.  It was NOT falling down.  I’ve apparently been lied to all my life.  St. Paul’s Cathedral was magnificent.  Did you know there is a Stained Glass Window there in the American Memorial Chapel in St. Paul’s Cathedral, that has symbols of all 50 states?  It is a beautiful piece of art!  Windsor Castle was another outing I was looking forward to, but as The Royal Standard was flying high signifying the Queen was in residence, it was not an option for us that day.

We traveled through Stamford and York on our way to Edinburgh.  Stamford a lovely town with 17th–18th century stone buildings. We ducked into All Saint’s Church for a quick look and to say a prayer since we had missed Mass.  York is a walled city and much of the surrounding wall still stands.  We stood in awe at York Minster, the largest Gothic cathedral in Northern Europe.  Stained glass windows. Amazing!  The age of some of the stained glass, unbelievable!  During WWII I believe the windows were all removed and stored for protection.  What a chore that must have been!  And then, The Shambles. . . quite the street that is!  Narrow street with over-hanging buildings.  Again the age of these sights are mind boggling.  Some from the 14th century.

As we traveled north, we finally crossed into Scotland, making a stop at Alnwick Garden in Northumberland Scotland.  Beautiful gardens, my favorite being the rose garden.  I love roses.  In July they were in full bloom and gorgeous!  They also have a Poison Garden, which you cannot stroll by yourself.  They have tours every 45 minutes, we did not have time after walking through all the other areas.  After a quick stop for picture taking at the Alnwick Castle next to the gardens, we were finally off.  Next stop, Edinburgh!

Finally, we made it to Edinburgh!

Edinburgh doesn’t rhyme with Pittsburgh…to be continued. . .

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