Anticipating Autumn

Walking every morning is always a pleasure, but this morning, even more so.    There is a distinct feel of autumn in the air.  I know there are hot days still to come, yet this morning was a preview of what will soon be.  The air so crisp and fresh, the sky a brilliant blue with the sun shining and not a cloud in sight.  With every intake of breath the early morning smell of the damp earth, so different from dry and dusty ground.  The distinctive aroma of grass mown yesterday *achoo* still shiny and wet with the morning dew.  Walking past the cedar trees along the sidewalk, pulling in a deep breath and causing more tingling to the senses.  Temperatures barely 60 degrees this morning.  I could walk forever on mornings like this.

There is such beauty in every season.  I could make a case for each season being my favorite for one reason or another, but truly autumn is my favorite.  I love the cooler temperatures.  I love the colors of the leaves as they go from greens to golds and oranges and reds.  I love a big pot of vegetable soup that has simmered on the stove all afternoon.  I love lazy Sundays even bombarded by the NFL.  I love high school football games on Friday nights.  I love fall thunderstorms.  I love everything about it!

Now, when spring comes around in March I’m sure I’ll be just as thrilled for the coming warmth and blossoming of life, but for now I am looking forward to my favorite; I am anticipating autumn.

Do you have a favorite??

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