Friday Smiles


How can you not delight in this?  Day in and day out she is all smiles.  When her daddy brings here in the morning she gives me the biggest smile like she is just so happy to see me. Of course when daddy goes out the front door she cries, (but the smiles return) and then when mommy appears after work she forgets all about me…   Still, I can’t help but smile back.  Always.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a happier baby.  What a joy she is!  Amazing to watch as she discovers new and exciting things everyday.  Every crumb on the floor (okay so I should sweep more often) Each outlet on the wall (safety plugs bought and holes covered)  Stairs to basement?  Yikes!!! (gate bought and waiting for installation).  So curious.  What is she thinking I wonder?  I have a lot of fun taking pictures and giving them captions to go with her expressions.  I knew being a grammy (yeah I know…grandmother—geez how old are you???) was going to be great but great just doesn’t even begin to describe it!  So, why am I sitting here typing instead of on the floor playing?  If I constantly entertain her and hold her how will she learn to play and imagine things herself?  She is on the floor next to me, watching me. She is singing, looking at books, rattling keys, reaching for my phone, the keyboard, my glasses.  But she is entertaining herself and she is entertaining me.  I love it!

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