I am. . .

Once again it’s time to say good bye to my summertime White Water trips.  My once a week day when I would pack up my bag with books, pen and paper and spend the day alone yet not alone floating and reading and occasionally writing a paragraph or two.  I have been going to White Water every summer for over twenty years now.  From packing up the kids when they were younger and driving down for the day to entertain them to now packing up my books and driving down for the day to entertain just me.  Another nine months before I’ll be making that trip again.

Next year is sure to be different!  My little Rosebud will be older, a year and a half, and will be making the trip with me!  It’s an adventure that I look forward to!

Sunday was my last day for this year.  An absolutely beautiful day.  I made it last as long as I could (and I have the sunburned skin to prove it).  These words were jumbling around in my mind so I wrote them down.  I don’t know if one would consider it poetry, but *shrugs* I wanted to put them to paper.

The water surrounds me
Covers me
I am a wave in the vast ocean
I am liquid; I am flowing
The breeze lifts me
Caresses me
I am a leaf in the wind
I am weightless; I am soaring
The sun kisses me
Warms me
I am a golden light
I am luminous; I am shining
Happiness fills me
Delights me
I am a joyful smile
I am laughter; I am life

I plan to enjoy the last days of summer as I look forward to a beautiful autumn season.  Autumn is my favorite season of all. . . but that’ll be words for another day. . .

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