Virtual Sadness

How do you say goodbye to someone you’ve never actually met?  I just found out this morning that a person I have known for a little over a year has died. I had never met Maggie in person, yet we’ve spent many an hour talking over the internet.  I met her July 2011 because of our love of the same books and authors.  She was such a kind and loving person.  We had plans to meet one day.  I’d never been to Denver and she lived close to there.  It was going to be a long weekend of fun.  Now it won’t happen.  I won’t be meeting her in person. I won’t even be meeting her online anymore.  This saddens me.  Maggie was a wonderful writer and always willing to look over and give me suggestions on things I wrote.  I will miss that so much.  And I will miss her writing. I will miss her presence.  And her friendship and the gentle person and loving soul she was. Maggie I will think about you every time I post a picture as you were often one of the first, if not the first to ‘like’or comment.  Always with something sweet to say.  You were always one of the first when anyone else was having a bad week or day or even moment to offer words of encouragement even when I know you had struggles of your own.  Oh, Maggie, you are gone too soon.    And, as one of the last things you posted on my wall  was one of those ecards that says: 

I hope we’re friends until we die.  And then I hope we stay ghost friends and walk through walls and scare the shit out of people. 

So, until then Mags, may you be at peace and know how much all of us are thinking about you and missing you.


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