The Walk of Life

No, I am not talking about the Dire Straits song Walk Of Life, although it’s probably humming through your mind right now, isn’t it?

I’m just talking about walking.  And life.  Elaina and I head out each morning for a walk before it gets too hot.  It gives us something to do and me an hour of walking.  Pushing a stroller. Up and down a few hills as we walk from the house to the nature center then back and through the neighborhood.

We are excited about our walk every day.  Beautiful blue skies. Sun shining.  Birds singing. We start out and head on down the road. It is relatively flat the first quarter mile.  There is a nice little breeze blowing and it feels pretty good.  We turn the corner, go downhill a bit, then, stretching out before us is quite an incline.  At least an eighth of a mile. But, the sky is still beautiful, the sun shining, the birds singing. Nothing has changed except it has gotten a wee bit harder to continue.  But continue we do because we can and we know we can and we love it!  By the time we get to the top it’s glad I am that the next half mile is a steady slight decline until we get to our turn around point.  We stop, look around and enjoy the beauty around us.  I have a drink of water.  Snap a few pictures then it’s time to go back the other way.  And as you might have surmised, the next half mile is a steady slight incline.  But, look around!  The skies are still blue, the sun shining beautifully, a breeze rustling the leaves of the trees that surround us.  All the time I am pushing a stroller. You might think that makes it harder. But you know what?  It makes it easier!  It’s not a burden but a joy to share this walk and see the delight in someone else’s eyes as they take in all that surrounds them!   The rest of the way is nothing short of amazing.  You don’t even notice the few hills here and there, you are in the zone.  Enjoying the beauty around you.  And when you get home, well don’t you just look forward to tomorrow???

And isn’t that just like life?  You wake up excited about it every day.  A little uphill; a little downhill.  Sometimes it is easy, sometimes it is a little harder.  But the beauty is always there if you look for it.  And you do.  You look for it and know it is there.  Even if it’s a bad day, it is there.  You don’t walk alone.  You share with those you love and you revel in their joy and their joy brings you joy.  Always look for the beauty and light and the rest will be just fine. . . Enjoy the beauty around you. . . Enjoy today and look forward to tomorrow.  To your walk of life.

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