Time Marches On

So, it’s been five months and one day since I created this blog.  This blog in which I was going to write.  Everyday.  So, how’d that work out for me you ask?  I’m sorry, did you miss that first sentence that said IT’S BEEN FIVE MONTHS SINCE I CREATED THIS BLOG???

Okay, all you writers out there, yes I am talking to you (and you and you) because I know you all have now bookmarked and are reading my blog, wondering where the heck I’ve been the past five months.  My question to you is, how do you do it?  I have all the best intentions (you know, just like I do with eating right and exercising)  So, how do you do it??

These past five months have disappeared in the blink of an eye. That beautiful new granddaughter I spoke about in my first post?  Six and a half months old now. Rolling her way across my floor. Laughing, da-da-da-ing, throwing little full-body-arch fits when she doesn’t like the way I’m holding her trying to get her to sleep (she has forgotten that naps are good for her, and more importantly for ME) and blowing raspberries. . . made even more fun using a mouthful of spit or better yet a mouthful of cereal that looks great all over my face apparently. But in all seriousness it has been great. I’m thankful I am able to stay home and be the one who takes care of her during the day.  It’s been a little adjustment this summer, though.  As a teacher then school office worker my summers were always free.  Always.  This does tie me down a bit.  But it doesn’t slow me down.  I still do what I want.  I’m kinda spoiled that way.  Just ask Lord D.  (That’s my husband of 33 years.  Didn’t want to be called grandpa, he thought Lord Don would be more appropriate.  *smh* should have never visited all those castles in Scotland and Ireland. . .he’d like for me to walk a couple of paces behind him and call him My Lord, but I don’t see that happening. . .)

What was I talking about? That’ll teach me to blog while enjoying a hurricane or two.  Oh, yes. You writers out there.  How I envy you!  I had never in all my years (53 if you read my first and only other post which we all remember was five months ago) thought I’d enjoy writing.  But for the past year that is all I have thought about.  Who knew???  Wish I had taken more english and literature class in college.  Didn’t need too much of that for a business degree or to teach high school keyboarding and computer applicaitons.

Speaking of keyboarding classes do they even have those anymore?  Do they teach it the same?  These days don’t the kids just use their thumbs to type?  I must look ridiculous when I text, holding the phone in my left hand while typing with the index finger of my right hand.  My three kids must be so embarassed.

What? Oh, sorry.  Yes back to writing.  Imagination.  You have such amazing imaginations.  Sometimes I feel I have no imagination at all. Is it that I lack experiences?  Do you draw from your own experiences or is it totally from your imaginations?  People and places and things that you create?  When I read what others have written I am so very amazed.  What talent!  What imagination!  What a bunch of hard work it must be!  I am so in awe.  Just the thought that I might want to try and write something scares me to death.  Can I come up with an idea?  Can I create characters, no, not characters, but living, breathing people that are interesting to others?  So interesting  in fact that they would want to read about them? I’d like to think I can.

So, while I’m waiting, bacardi hurricane in hand, for inspiration to ignite my imagination, I’ll just conitnute my posts here, oh every five months or so. . .  So check back around Christmas time and see what I’ve got *laughs* or check back next week if you have any confidence in me at all. . .

Remember, this is just the ramblings of an incorrigible lass. . . .

Incorrigibly yours,


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